PSALMS 1 - 41

The law of the Lord is perfect, for reviving the soul.
The statues of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.
The precepts of the Lord are right… giving joy to the heart.
The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.
- Psalm 19:7-8

Book I 

Psalm 1: Are you looking for true Happiness in the World?  (Updated)
Psalm 2:  Are WE Out of Control  (Updated June 11 2015)
Psalm 3:  The Lord Helps His Troubles People
Psalm 4:  When We Are Weak, God is Strong
Psalm 5:  Safety for the Faithful ~ the Lord Hears our Prayers
Psalm 8:  What Will You Do With "Him"?
Psalm 13:  When God Seems Distant
Psalm 15: Kindness is everything
Psalm 16:  With God, Pleasures Forevermore
Psalm 18: God, Our Only Refuge and Strength
Psalm 19: When God Gives Revelation 
Psalm 20:  The Assurance of God [Eight Redemptive Names of God]
Psalm 21: The Battle is Not Yours
Psalm 22:  The Sufferings and Glory of Christ [A Messianic Prophesy]
Psalm 23: The Lord, the Psalmists Shepherd
Psalm 24: The King of Glory and His Kingdom
Psalm 25:  Show Us Your Ways, Teach Me Your Path
Psalm 26:  Are you Sealed by God?
Psalm 27: Having a Fearless Trust in God
Psalm 29:  Consider Carefully How You Listen  [Hearing God's Voice]
Psalm 30: Beauty For Ashes
Psalm 32:  The Joy of Forgiveness
Psalm 34:  Those Who Put Their Trust in God

Psalm 35: Praying for Help
Psalm 36: Wicked Men and the Loving-kindness of God
Psalm 37: Security vs: Insecurity  [When wicked men seem to prosper]
Psalm 39: Our smallness – God’s “Largeness”
Psalm 40:  God is Always With Us--In Our Trials
Psalm 41:  False Friendships


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